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Jaeger 2011 Autumn Winter Press Day

12 May 2011 0 Comments

Jaeger Press Day 2011 h 768x1024

Today was  the Jaeger Autumn Winter 2011 Press day.  A fabulous affair full of bold, brilliant colours. The colour pallete for the AW 2011 collection is full of bright solids and primary colours. I particularly liked some of the patterns in the Boutique by Jaeger collection which had been reinterpreted from the Young Jaeger archive. Also on show was the shoe collection by Beatrix Ong, featuring some stunning heels that will be the envy of women next season.

Jaeger Press Day 2011 g 768x1024
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Next Models

Elyse Taylor judges O’Neill Model Search

11 May 2011 0 Comments

elyse oneills

O'Neill are currently searching for the face (and body) of their international SS12 fashion campaign to coincide with the launch of their new Superkini bikini. The winner will also receive a 12-month global modelling contract with NEXT Models (home to some of the world's most famous Supermodels) and a trip for 2 to Miami where they will have professional photos taken for the agency.
Headed up by Australian Victoria's Secret model Elyse Taylor, the competition runs on www.facebook.com/oneillgirls until 15th May - so only 4 more days left to submit!

Absolutely anyone can apply by uploading their photo to the page and getting people to vote. The 12 finalists will take part in the 'One Way Runway' event in Ibiza in June, where they have to walk the runway before jumping off a cliff in their Superkini, which is made with a special material that sticks to the body to prevent embarrassing moments and wardrobe malfunctions.

In addition to Elyse Taylor, the panel of judges include professional O'Neill surfer Raine Jackson and international fashion editors.


Tommy Kristiansen by Ryan Parry

09 May 2011 0 Comments

MG 6492 

I love Elite Models London and this shoot stars model Tommy Kristiansen from Elite Models,  so by extension I love this shoot.The Photographer was Ryan Parry and the stylist Chris Preston.The headwear was also designed by Ryan Parry. 

MG 7621
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From Somewhere, Uncategorized

Speedo LZR Racer creates another Fashion Collaboration

22 March 2011 2 Comments

Barbie Dress exclusive to yoox com

Speedo, has unveiled its stunning fashion collaboration with award winning ethical fashion designers From Somewhere.

Produced using surplus stocks of its  Speedo LZR Racer suit, the range features retro 50s styling with a playful modern twist, combining practical swimwear with high-end fashion trends to create a look that’s equally at home on the beach or at a party.

Orsola de Castro, the co-owner of From Somewhere, said “After unveiling the first of our Speedo LZR Racer collaborations at London Fashion Week in September 2010, we have had an enormous amount of fun in designing and producing these latest pieces, and we feel that we’ve learned a lot about how far we can go, building our confidence, introducing lots of colour and creating designs we’re extremely proud of.

“The range comprises a wide variety of products, taking in eveningwear made from over 60 swimsuits, to the super wearable ‘Swimdress’, a new concept in swimwear as daywear, and we’re sure fashion followers will be delighted with the results.”

Launching in Selfridges stores this week, the UK release of the collection coincides with Climate Week. In addition to its release in Selfridges stores in the UK and online exclusively at yoox.com, the ‘From Somewhere with Speedo’ collection will also be available at Hallelujah in Brussels, Belgium, and in Tokyo’s Beams outlet.

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Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen wedding dress in April??

06 March 2011 1 Comment


Kate Middleton1

 London News: Sources claim that Kate Middleton will be wearing a wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen. According reports representatives at Alexander McQueen have denied the claims. However, it is well known that the royal family are pretty "hush hush" about these types of things... Would it not be great to see Kate in McQueen design complete with 10-inch Armadillo shoes lol... sorry i could not resist.

featured, John Galliano, Kate Moss

Will John Galliano still design Kate Moss’ Wedding Dress after racist allegations?

01 March 2011 0 Comments

John Galliano Loves Hitler

British fashion designer, John Galliano has been fired by fashion house Dior after alleged anti-Semitic comments he made last week.

Apparently Dior dismissed him after seeing a video clip allegedly showing Galliano telling two women in a Paris cafe: "I love Hitler." Footage has also emerged online allegedly showing Galliano saying "People like you would be dead today - your mothers, your forefathers would be gassed."

Already Dior's chief executive Sidney Toledano and Oscar-winning actress and face of Miss Dior Cherie perfume, Natalie Portman have released statements condemning Galliano’s actions.

When asked about the situation Natalie stated “In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr Galliano in any way,"

So with the current news about Kate Moss wanting her friend Galliano to design her wedding dress all over the web we have to ask is this going to happen? We will have to wait and see if Kate “stands by her man”

Premier Models, The Model Agency Channel 4

The Model Agency Week 1- Live Blog

23 February 2011 1 Comment

The day has finally come for The Model Agency to make its debut on Channel 4 TV and give us all a sneak peek into the working of Premier, one of the world's biggest modelling agencies.  The agency has been home to a number of top names including supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford just to name a few. I'll be here for the next six weeks to chat about the ups and downs of The Model Agency and giving my take on all the the high-lights and low-lights for your reading pleasure!

So with no further adieu: The Model Agency


I've stocked up on Lambrini  and other treats and I'm ready for the show to start. Phones on silent and I'll be totally tuned into this show for the next hour. You should be too!


Show starts off with a preamble about being a model. Apparently they can make up to  £15000 a day... Obviously I am in the wrong profession. If only I met the criteria lol! But i know only  a select few ever make that much money.


Only three minutes gone and it's apparent that Paul the senior booker is going to be the star of this show. This man is TV Gold. A model wannabe calls and he abruptly tells  her "5 foot 5, thats way too short im afraid, Thank You!"


And already Paul gives  us our second golden moment of the show when he describes Diana  as "the model with the pretty face".  Isn't that prerequisite to being a model? Paul quickly points out that thats a silly comment to make in a modelling agency.

9:06 pm

Next booker to be introduced is Annie, the head of the New Faces division. She looks after all the new girls between 15 and 19.  Seems really happy. I think she is going to be "the nice one" on the show. She then introduces two girls, India from  Manchester and Naomi from Colliers Wood. Carol the Director of the agency thinks these two girls have the potential to be huge.


The first crisis happens. India one of the models is sick in New York. Annie seems very surprised that India is getting sick because its "very unlike her". Huh? Do models not get sick?????


Basically, more drama about India being in New York. Now she has decided to quit modelling and return to school. Annie seems really upset  and is driven to the point of tears.... Please could someone give Annie a hug?... or a counsellor?? (lol) The other agents are all engulfed in the problems with India  and it seems to make Annie even more upset. I can foresee more waterworks from Annie in the near future.....


Annie decides to fly to New York to give India a shoulder to lean on, but who's shoulder will Annie lean on?, she's been  bloody crying for most of the episode!  Apparently the drama with India stems from someone in New York telling her that she's fat.... If India is fat then obviously  I must be morbidly obese.


The show is half way through and  we have heard India's name about 5788500 million times. I am thinking they should consider renaming the show "The India Show". I've also heard her name so much that I've been brainwashed into planning a trip to India. Annie is on the phone with India and tells India that "she's having a cry while India cries on the phone".... :|


We finally see the infamous India  and she tells us that she doesn't know what she wants to do in life and that her brother only figured out what he wanted to do when he was 21. Well unfortunately for India a model's career is half  way through by the times she's 21 so she better make up her mind quickly!

We also see Sadaf, from the Men's board photographing one of the male models. Am I the only one that finds it weird that he is wearing two pairs of underwear?


India's decided to leave New York and is back off to school.


Am I the only one that noticed that when Carol puts on her glasses she transforms from  a sweet, loveable lady into a witch that swears like a pirate and breathes fire. It's uncanny. 


Paul is  back on TV and the real show starts again. Seriously, everything out of his mouth is GOLD. This time he's trying to persuade one of the interns not to get anymore tattoos.  He tells her that if she wants to get a tattoo she should get a steaming dog turd or cobweb tattooed on her face. HAHAHA I can't really see that happening...


We meet Jade, a gorgeous girl that Anthony (the Director of Scouting) scouted at  Thorpe Park (of all places!!!). He tells us about his ability to see a model's "potential". I guess that must make him the modelling industry's version of Nostradamus.

So that brings us to the end week 1 of the Model Agency, Dont forget to check back for week 2 of our "The model agency" live blog!

Elite Models London, Uncategorized

Two weeks of being Elite

23 February 2011 1 Comment

 If you follow this blog you probably have been wondering where I have been lately! elite models cheThis year I missed most of the LFW shows because I decided to spend some time interning at Elite Model Management.  Prior to going there I didnt know what to expect. I had preconceived notions of Devil meets Prada with a twist of Ugly Betty.  However it could not have been further from the truth. It was an amazing experience and everyone there was really warm and welcoming. It was like a big family (i.e. a really, really attractive family... lol).

I spent some time there in January and then returned there this past weekend for London Fashion Week.

Every day there was different; one day I could be running across London to get measurements from a model for Pam Hogg's show or dashing to get a portfolio from a fashion photographer. While there l got to meet supermodel Alana Zimmer when she popped into the office during fashion week (which was pretty cool). 

In the picture (left) here I am with my new friend Morgan also a model at Elite. You can see even when she is not working she has her poses locked down. ( In my defense there was another camera going off! That is why I am not looking at the camera lol)

Overall a brilliant experience. Special thanks to everyone in the team especially Charlie and Fred!


What Paula Wore

What Paula Wore… or would like to wear!

17 February 2011 1 Comment

Acne Hex lena and Made in Heaven New York
Fashion Clothes by Acne and Made in Heaven : Image sourced from Farfetch

Is it me... or is it getting warmer outside? It is soon time to throw off those winter coats and embrace fashion and clothes! God knows I can’t wait! Flu season reaaaally needs to be over and I am not a big fan of the cold! (as you all know lol) But when the coats come off the style stakes go back up. Yes, spring is on its way and it is time to pick up a few wardrobe essentials... and the best place to start is with a new pair of jeans. ... Even better if you can get some designer denim like these light blue cotton straight leg “Hex Lena” jeans from Acne.

 The seventies are making a reappearance in spring fashion trends. So maybe a cool relaxed pair like these “Made In Heaven - New York” jeans would be ideal to create that cool Charlie’s Angel look I have been thinking about rocking this year... but as fit is everything I will be out and about looking for the perfect cut for me.

Burberry, Burberry Prorsum, Jourdan Dunn, Sacha M'Baye

Jourdan Dunn and Sacha M’Baye for Burberry Prorsum

03 February 2011 1 Comment

JOurdan Dunn Burberry Prorsum Sacha Mbaye

Jourdan with Sacha M'Baye for Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum has just released their new campaign featuring British Models Sacha M'Baye and Jourdan Dunn.  The ads were shot by Mario Testino on Brighton Beach. After having her baby Jourdan took a short hiatus from modelling but now she  has cemented her return to modelling  by shooting the Burberry campaign. 2011 is the year of Jourdan's return to the pinnacle of modelling!!!


Love Magazine

Justin Bieber isnt naked on Love Magazine!!!

03 February 2011 1 Comment

Love Justin Bieber cover

After practically every issue of Love has featured a nude or partially nude cover model there was a lot of speculation that the latest issue of love was going to feature a nude Justin Bieber. Unfortunately for his minion of teenage fans this has turned out to be an untrue rumour. So while Justin Bieber's legion of fans will be disappointed by not getting to see Bieber naked the rest of the planet will breathe a sigh of relief as we have been spared.


Diego Diaz, Photographer Features, photography, Uncategorized

Axarquic Lady by Diego Diaz Marin

03 February 2011 1 Comment

diego diaz marin01

This is the latest editorial from fashion photographer, Diego Diaz Marin. The shoot is "Axarquic Lady" and features Diego's muse, Fabiola Gomez. Diego says the photos reflect his hometown, the feminity, culture and eccentricity"  

diego diaz marin02
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Photographer Features, Remi Rebillard

Doll Story by Remi Rebillard

30 January 2011 0 Comments

DOLL 1 1024x690

I love Remi Rebillard‘s work because he has the ability to translate a story into a beautiful work of art. Remi Rebillard sent me this amazing editorial called “Doll Story”. It is mind blowing, It brings the dolls of our childhood to life. It stars Kate Upton from IMG Models . The make up and hair was by Davide Calcinai with artist by by Timothy Priano.


More images from Doll Story by Remi Rebillard are after the jump.

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Beatrix Ong

Beatrix Ong receives an MBE

27 January 2011 0 Comments

Beatrix Ong OBEBeatrix Ong, the accessories designer, has been bestowed the honour, Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) on Her Majesty The Queen's 2011 New Year's Honours List for services to the fashion industry.

Beatrix Ong, comments. “I feel delighted and humbled to be recognised for this honour. I love what I do, and this has come as such a lovely surprise and a wonderful start to the year!” 

The 34 years old, launched her eponymous line in 2002 and was  credited as one of the Top 10 Leading Shoe Designers by The Independent. Ong ha alsos collaborated with Nike, customising the Nike iD Blazer Trainers. In 2008 she launched menswear line, Ong London.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe designs swimwear for Peacocks

26 January 2011 0 Comments

Daisy LoweSocialite and model, Daisy Lowe is adding designer to her resume. She is collaborating with fashion retailer, Peacocks to launch a collection of retro inspired swimwear which she will also model, for summer 2011.

‘Daisy Lowe for Peacocks’ follows five collections designed by her mother Pearl Lowe.

Her swinwear range will launch in selected Peacocks’ stores and online in May 2011.

The collection is inspired by French Riviera in the fifties, and iconic sex symbols, such as Sophia Loren and Bettie Page.

Daisy Lowe said:It was important from the start that my designs were accessible so my friends could afford them, which is why we’ve kept the collection under £18.  I’ve sought inspiration from the things I love, family holidays in Europe, iconic fifties pin ups and classic vintage shapes.”

We cant wait for the collection but I  think most of Daisy's friends could probably pay a lot more than £18 for a swimsuit.


Elizabeth Finn, Fearne Cotton, Tamara Ecclestone

Sienna Miller, Fearne Cotton and Tamara Ecclestone give up coats for Charity

25 January 2011 0 Comments

Vivienne Westwood Shoes

Ever wanted to own a piece of Vivienne Westwood's wardrobe? Well now is your chance. Vivienne, Sienna Miller, Christy Bella Joiner, Tamara Ecclestone  and Fearne Cotton are among celebrities who are donating their coats to the Wrap Up Against Poverty winter coat auction being held by Elizabeth Finn Care.
Its a win win situation. Not only can you boost your style credentials but you can help people in financial need buy essential winter clothing by bidding for one of numerous celebrity coats going under the hammer.
Sienna Millers Coat

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The Model Agency Channel 4

The Model Agency comes to Channel 4

17 January 2011 2 Comments

Premier channel 4 the model agency

Get your Sky Plus Boxes set to record, The Model Agency, because this show could be our favourite guilty pleasure.

Premier Model Management have opened their doors to Channel 4 for a revealing, new, seven-part series on the modelling industry. The show gives a documentary style look at the one of London's Leading modelling agencies. "The show documents the high-octane world of The Model Agency, from Premier's booking desk to the scouts models, designers and photographers who pass through the doors, this series follows them all during the adrenaline-fuelled weeks of show season - in the office, at the fittings and on the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, Paris and, most crucially for this British agency, London." The series, coming soon to Channel 4, promises to give an intimate and revealing look at a very private world where youth, beauty and money rule, in an industry that is envied, scrutinised and criticised in equal measure. I can't wait for it.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss does animated Balmain video.

16 January 2011 0 Comments

I remember sitting down with my photographer/friend, Gene Keigel and discussing the future of fashion photography. He said that video would be used more frequently used . Well, he was most definitely correct as Balmain has released a special video via Nowness. Kate Moss is the star of a 3 minute long, behind the scenes video for Balmain. Kate Moss writhes around to the sounds of Everglade by Antony and the Johnsons. The video is behind the scenes footage of Kate Moss' AW 2010 Balmain campaign which was shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. While Kate changes her pose her hair changes colour and animations by Jo Ratcliffe are displayed on screen. It’s a great way to spend the next 3 minutes of your life.


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