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Amy Winehouse designs for Fred Perry??? Kevin Federline designs childrens clothes??

4 Comments 06 January 2009  

Amy winehouse fred perryPlease tell  me its not true. Today I read two bizarre pieces of Fashion news. Rumour has it that, Amy Winehouse  might design for Fred Perry. Neither Amy Winehouse or Fred Perry has officially revealed any news of a  collaboration. However the media is buzzing with news about a possible Amy Winehouse collection.

 "She was almost childishly excited and couldn't stop talking about it," a source told The Sun.  For some strange reason I actually think an Amy Winehouse collection would do really well. There's no denying shes got style. Roberto Cavalli once described her as a "Fashion Icon"

In even stranger news People Magazineis reporting  that  Kevin Federline is also rumoured  to be designing a kids line called OTZI. I didnt know having 4 kids  made you qualified to design clothing?

Source 1 Source 2

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  1. Hope so this Fashion news is right but this is not confirm yet.

  2. Logo Design says:

    AMY WINEHOUSE i heard this name alot.

  3. I agree, i think we need to confirm first.


  4. It is very interesting to know. I didn’t expect that he can design a kids clothings.

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