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Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall for Uniqlo Sports

0 Comments 30 May 2009  


Styling: Nicola Formichetti

Photography – Dan Jackson

Agyness Worrall and Luke Deyn uhh the Deyn Twins??, sorry, I mean Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall star in the new Uniqlo print ads. Ever since these two models started their careers I have always thought that Luke and Agyness look like brother and sister.  Infact, I  think they look so much alike that I have actually mistaken them for one another . They both have an androgynous quality which adds to why I think they are so similar. I much prefer these Uniqlo images to the previous images that wree released two weeks ago.


Uniqlo Sport Campaign Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall by Daniel Jackson 03

Uniqlo Sport Campaign Agyness Deyn and Luke Worrall by Daniel Jackson 04

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