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There are loads of songs that are inspired by fashion, Some  songs about fashion are good some of them bad. I rounded  up my favourite ones that left a lasting impression. I even  managed to find a Supermodels number 1 hit single. Below is my list of the top ten fashion related songs.

10. Fashion by Lady Gaga
Any list of  the best fashion inspired songs would have to have at least one Lady Gaga song on it.  So many of her  videos are  fashion inspired ( she even wears Thierry Mugler , Jeremy Scott and Dolce & Gabanna  her video for Paparazzi). In the end i chose "Fashion" because its actually about fashion

9. Power in my Purse by Marci X
I  kind of cheated with this one as it isn't an actual single . It was created for the  movie  Marci X.  Although its not a real song  any woman that can rattle off  designer names like Marci X is definitely Fierce.

8.Fashionista  by Jimmy James

There is one line in this song that  sums up how harsh the fashion industry can  be. "No one Ugly allowed". Love it!!!

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7. Fashion by David Bowie

This is Another song that  had to make this list. David Bowie definitely knows a thing or too about fashion. The former model/singer is married to Iman, one of the biggest supermodels of  all time.

6. Vogue by Madonna

VOGUE! VOGUE! Let Your body move to the music. This is one of Madonna's all time best songs.  Unfortunately ,the song  spawned one of the world's worst dance trends "VOGUEING".

5. Naomi Campbell- Love and Tears
This is one of my favourite ones on the list. It's when supermodels ditch the runways and release music albums. When Naomi released her first single Love and Tears, in England it barely made a dent on the charts and was considered a musical flop as it didnt chart above number 75. Although the album was a commercial flop in the UK Naomi sold over 1 million albums in Japan and her second single, La La La Love Song which was a collaboration with Toshi Kubota went straight to number 1 in Japan. It was very difficult for me to decide which one of Naomi's songs would make the charts so I chose the first single that she performed live on Top Of the Pops. You can view her second single here

4. Supermodel by RuPaul

 Work it Girl

3.Picture Perfect by Chris Brown

This was one of my favourite  fashion inspired songs , back when it was okay to still listen to Chris Brown. Unfortunately this CD  has been removed from my playlists.

2. November Rain by Guns N Roses.

This one features a Cameo from Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and also one of the best guitar solos in the history of music.

1. Freedom by George Michael

The Ultimate Supermodel song of all time. Have there ever been more supermodels in a music video?

Hope you enjoyed this list of songs about fashion.

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