Newborn Essentials

10 Indispensable Newborn Essentials

October 19, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Most of your pregnancy and birth budget will be spent when the baby is here. The little one will so many things and while you can do perfectly fine without some, you will find others to be simply indispensable. You may also not know about others but once you do, you will probably never be able to do things the same way without them. They make your work easier and save you time as well as your sanity. This article outlines ten such things that you will need to buy right away when your newborn arrives:


These are an obvious necessity. Baby clothes are usually purchased once the baby’s sex is determined, but some parents prefer getting unisex clothes while waiting for the baby to be born.

While purchasing baby clothes, there will be plenty of factors that you will need to consider. Keep in mind that your newborn is delicate and will react to anything that comes in contact with them. That said, you should make a point of getting the very best quality of baby clothes you can get.

Safety is also very crucial. Get clothes that can be put on and removed easily without hurting the baby in way. When dressing them up in a jumpsuit, watch out for drawstrings around the neck or a zipper that could nick the skin. Also, watch out for those that come with safety hazards such as strings that could choke them, small detachable parts that could be swallowed easily and large pockets that could suffocate them.


Diapers are in indispensable. For the longest time, moms have been debating whether to go with nappies or diapers. While most of those looking for convenience and ease of use will choose diapers, other moms who want to save up will often choose re-usable nappies. Other moms will use both depending on the circumstance.

While choosing nappies or diapers, it is important to make sure that they are gentle on the baby and protect their skin. Aeration is important since trapped heat could not only make the baby uncomfortable but could also accelerate nappy or diaper rashes.

If you are going for nappies, make sure that they allow thorough cleaning without disintegrating – you should be able to handwash them and disinfect them often without them falling apart. Also, be sure to get the right size of diapers for the baby – if they are too big, they may allow leaking. Small diapers will be awfully uncomfortable for the baby.

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You will be spending a good part of your first nights after delivery in the baby’s nursery. To make this more bearable, be sure to grab a comfortable glider where you can sit and watch the baby or rock them to sleep. You can watch out for features like orthopedic support. It should also not making too much noise especially if it is a rocking chair – you don’t want the baby to wake up as soon as you move back to get some rest.


You should also consider getting a night light of the bay’s room. Preferably, it should have adjustable brightness levels. This will be every helpful when you have to check on the baby or change their diapers when they are sleeping without waking them up. Remember that the levels of light in the baby’s room are a great determinant of how long the baby will sleep. You should be able to dim the lights so that it is dark enough for the baby to sleep and bright enough for you to see what you are doing.


Baby monitors are a must-have unless you want to be running to the baby’s room every time you hear something that resembles a cry. A baby monitor will allow you to put the baby to sleep and focus on other things without checking on them every five minutes. As long as they are sleeping in a safe and comfortable space, you can always listen in and know when they wake up though the monitor.


Diaper bags will be very useful whenever you go out with the baby. Whether it is for a casual stroll in the park or a drive across town, you will need to bring your diaper bag with you. It will help you pack and conveniently carry some of the baby’s essentials including the feeding bottle, formula, diapers, sanitizer, baby wipes, pacifier, baby toys and clothes.

While choosing a diaper bag, be sure to look through the features and get one that suits your specific needs. For instance, some have partitions for specific items like the baby bottle or a pacifier. Others have straps so they can be carried in different ways. Others have labelled pockets to help you carry everything you need.


You will need to carry plenty of baby wipes and towelettes for cleaning the baby. They could be used to clean up when changing the diapers, to wipe spills and messes when feeding the baby or to give the baby a quick bath. It would also be helpful if they were anti-bacterial – when the child is learning how to ride, for instance, you may need to wipe their wounds clean if they get any bruises or hurt themselves.


The baby will need a comfortable place to sleep. A bed would be too big for them and could be introduced when they are a bit older. A baby crib is perfect – most are made small enough for the baby to feel safe and with specific features to enforce their safety. When choosing one for the baby, make sure that it complies with the safety standards and is from a reputable manufacturer.

Baby bedding should also be comfortable, safe, easy to clean and could have some cheerful themes.


Babies burp a lot, and you should have burp clothes ready for that. A feeding bottle will be great if you want to add water or juice to their diet, or if you need to feed the baby formula. Be sure to clean it up well and keep it in a sanitized place to reduce the risk of infections.

In conclusion, this is not an exhaustive list of the all essentials you will need for the baby. Your needs will differ from that of any other mom, so it is up to you to establish exactly what your baby needs.