10 Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

10 Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

March 11, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Now that spring has fully begun, many of us are looking forward to summer and all of the sun and fun it brings. The spring weather is perfect for showing off your own personal style and creating some elegant layered looks that are as colourful as they are stylish, but the summer fashion season is all about the hottest looks and the coolest styles.

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10 Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

Oversized Hats- this summer’s hottest trend in accessories is the oversized hat. The floppier, the better and we are seeing some of the top fashion stylists adding this detail to their newest looks.

Sensible Shorts- last summer we had cycling shorts, and this year, the look is a bit more sensible. Slightly looser, tailoured, knee-length shorts are the newest summer go-to.

Tight Pleats- micro pleats give a more fluctuating silhouette and generate more movement making them an easy to where look that can be dressed up or down.

Tie-Dye- bold colours and interesting designs equal big style this summer. From tie-dyed tops, to tie-dyed dresses, skirts and more, the 60’s look is back!

Cropped Vest Tops- available in a wide range of colours and cuts, cropped vest tops are an easy way to look stylish and elegant while staying cool this summer.

Fancy Flats- comfortable, fancy flats are fashionable and functional. Choose from a wide range of colours to accent your wardrobe.

Fringing- this Western-inspired trend is back for another season and can be seen on everything from jackets to skirts, even handbags.

Neon- vibrant, fresh hues are back as they push aside the past season’s pastels. Bright neons and other vibrant colours can be seen on tops, skirts, dresses and more.

Sequins- sequined jumpsuits, jackets and embroidered tops are another one of this summer’s biggest trends.

Puffed Shoulders- the bold shouldered look of the 80’s is back. Sort of. While not as pronounced as some of the tops we saw in the 80’s, puffed shoulders this summer are seen in short cotton puffed sleeved tops.

Summer Fashion Trends

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