5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

5 Tips for Art Deco Style Decorating

August 28, 2018 Off By whlmagazinelogin

The 1920s were stylish not only when it comes to fashion. Interior design during this era was heavily influenced by the Art Deco design elements and featured luxurious details that are still considered incredibly beautiful today. These 5 style elements can easily bring this classic sense of style into your modern home, making it an impeccable space you can be proud to show off.

A Beautiful Dressing Table

There is nothing more beautiful that an intricately styled dressing table. A mirrored vanity table paired with an oversized mirror perfectly evokes vintage elegance while still creating a sleek and stylish look. Pair your dressing table with a plush chair or stool to create a cozy contrast. For an even more vintage-inspired look, add a decorative tray with vintage perfume bottles as a fun and playful accent.

A Stylish Bar Cart

While prohibition reigned during the 1920s, it didn’t stop people from having a good time. The bar cart rose to popularity towards the end of the Twenties, and has once again become a staple in modern home decor. Create a bar cart stocked with vintage elements, such as stylish vintage glassware or beautiful, ornate decanters to completely polish the look.

A Bold Wall Pattern

While Art Deco style is known for its graphic lines and sharp edges, it also included an explosion of fun and playful colors and patterns. Create this look within your home by adding statement wallpaper to your interiors and create a colorful contrast with the rest of your furniture or decor. A cheerful floral print or leaf pattern can create a bold and exciting interior in any room. Or, a highly stylized print in a traditional Art Deco pattern adds sophistication.

A Stylish Animal Print

Animal prints were first being utilized in interior design during the 1920s. Natural patterns that mimic or are inspired by the look of animal hide can be a fun way to mix patterns within your home. For more elevated interiors, find accents that mimic animal prints in muted neutral colors, which creates a stylish monochromatic look.

A Sunburst Accent

Certain patterns and shapes are iconic emblems that rose to popularity in the Art Deco era. Specifically, sunbursts can be incorporated in your interiors in a variety of ways. Wall hangings and mirrors sometimes mimic this incredibly graphic, symmetrical shape. Or, find sconces that emanate light in a similar pattern.