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8 Handmade Jewellery Trends For 2021

November 3, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

We’ve noticed that more consumers are making the conscious decision to edge away from mass-produced products and jewellery. With the rise of sustainable fashion and awareness of ethical production techniques, shoppers want to know exactly where their pieces are coming from. That means more customers are choosing to shop at their local handmade jewellery store, at vintage markets, and online marketplaces.

So, what do artisan jewellery designers have planned for us next year? Speaking on behalf of Jewel Tree London, here are the hottest handmade jewellery trends for 2021.

 8 Handmade Jewellery Trends for 2021

Looking to revamp your accessories? Then let these 8 trends inspire you!

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1.   Gold vermeil

Gold is a remarkable metal which hints at luxury and status, whilst also rewards the wearer with a wealth of health benefits. Handmade jewellery designers know that whilst many women adore gold, not all can afford the high price tag of pure, 24-carat gold. Introducing, gold vermeil! This is a high-quality plating technique which uses silver sterling as a base and slathers a thick layer of gold on top. It looks like the real deal and promises longevity. So, if you want gold that won’t break the bank, consider choosing a gold vermeil necklace.

2.   Stacking rings

Ultra-modern and one of the most wearable trends in jewellery, stacking rings are oh-so-chic. Jewellery designers produce their own handmade sets of gold stacking rings which are ready to wear. However, they’ll also tell you to get creative and mix up your existing pieces to create a layered look that reflects your personal style!

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3.   Stud earrings

Whilst drop earrings can always be relied upon to make a statement and lift an outfit, sometimes you want minimalism. Handmade jewellery designers have been busy creating innovative designs for beautiful stud earrings. Take for example the Jewel Tree London earring and studs collection. You can find a variety of semi-precious gemstones and designs inspired by architectural greats.

4.   Gemstones

One thing that we can all agree on is that jewellery studded with gemstones is a winning combination! Expect to find a kaleidoscope of colours in your nearby stores – including ones you may never have clapped eyes on! Most handmade jewellery makers prefer to use natural stones – many of which have spiritual or healing properties. Let your eyes guide you to the rock of your choice to wear in a beautiful gold vermeil necklace.

5.   Nature-inspired

Handmade jewellery designers are always in tune with their surroundings and will find beauty in simple places. And what can be more beautiful than our natural world? We know that nature has the power to soothe and heal us, so expect to find forest motifs and natural hues on the shelves in 2021.

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6.   Personalisation

Jewellery aficionados will always have a thirst for personalised jewellery. And, it’s a fairly broad topic with something for everyone. On the one hand, you can wear a gold vermeil necklace that has your name emblazoned into it. On the other hand, you can personalise a piece such as a ring, for a loved one with a secret engraving. Besides, your local handmade jewellery store may even offer to create a bespoke piece for you, using your chosen gemstones.

7.   Rose gold

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Some days, we feel like playing things cool with sophisticated silver. Others, we’re magpies for shiny yellow gold. But, what about those days when we feel like something in the middle? Well, rose gold is the perfect compromise and artisan jewellery makers have big plans for it in 2021. It’s subtle, feminine and romantic and brings a charming softness to your outfit. Consider investing in a pair of rose gold stacking rings for those days when you fancy a change.

8.   Mix & Match

Take a wander into your local handmade jewellery store or browse their website and you’ll find a spectacular selection of jewellery collections. However, in 2021 – there are no rules that say you need to match your bling! In fact, if you look closely at the collections, you’ll see that many complement one another. So why not mix and match to shape a unique look of your own? Take, for example, the Jewel Tree London collection. You could choose to wear a fetching gold vermeil necklace from their Baori collection and mix it with their Pure gold stacking rings! When it comes to jewellery, 2021 is your year to get creative.