Arrive In Style To Your Prom Night Wearing The Most Alluring Color

Arrive In Style To Your Prom Night Wearing The Most Alluring Color

February 5, 2019 Off By whlmagazinelogin

The colours we wear has an important role in making one look radiant. There is a huge chance that some shades wouldn’t look flattering on you, while there would be a handful of hues that look adorable on you. Look for colors that stand out when you hold it against you. An easy way is to pick a celebrity who shares a similar skin tone as you and see which colors look good on her.

Apart from choosing your prom dress color based on your skin tone, you should also take into consideration your hair color. Though Brunettes look great in a wide range of colors, they look great in red. Blondes are show stoppers in bright, cool colors as well as black. Red heads dazzle in turquoise and pastels.

Some colors never go out of style while some suddenly creeps out of nowhere and proves it is here to stay in trend for long.

Trending colors:

  • Red: This warmest and intense color has a peculiar effect on those around you. None dolled up in red goes unnoticed. The color screams confidence and is proved to be sexually appealing. Surprisingly flattering, it looks warm on mature skin tones. It has a luxurious look that can’t be explained.
  • Rose gold: This is yet another strong contestant when it comes down to pleasing everyone. This is highly trending right now and we hardly see any sign of it losing its craze. Being duo chrome, it looks either like pink or gold when light hits on it. When paired with sequins, it is all the more seductive.
  • Black: This looks sophisticated, dark and edgy. Only few girls go for all-black outfit which undoubtedly makes a bold statement. Also, it looks good on every skin tone and hair color. Since many would be wearing bright colors, you would stand out in your elegant black gown.
  • Blue: Nothing can go wrong with blue and it is considered the safest choice of many. Light blue and pastel blue are dainty and result in a sweet look. Royal blue has a richer tint and symbolizes royalty while icy blue ones look more dreamlike and romantic.
  • White: Many stay away from wearing white worrying it may make them look like a bride. Be it an ivory gown or a white mystical ball gown, this is the perfect hue on your tanned skin. If you want to stand out, select a dress with unique beading and detail work. It looks great when pairing it with dark accessories and against richer tones.
  • Pearl pink: This color resonates with femininity. Apart from exuding a girly appeal, it has a soft and radiant look. Whether you choose to look like a princess wearing a pink gown, or want to look intriguing in a fuchsia gown with cutouts, pink is an ideal choice.

In case you are confused between two colors, get the help of your friend. Tell them about your preferred color alternatives and ask which looks best on you. Above all, choose one in which you personally feel pretty.