Buying Beautiful Engagement and Wedding Rings in Brisbane

Buying Beautiful Engagement and Wedding Rings in Brisbane

November 14, 2021 Off By whlmagazinelogin

You are planning to propose to your soon-to-be Brisbane bride – But first, you need the ring.

Choosing the perfect engagement and wedding ring is an exciting but extremely taunting task, there are many questions to ask, without ruining the element of surprise.

What is her style, what shape diamond would she like, which colour stone does she prefer, white or yellow gold? With too many options to choose from, shopping for the right engagement and wedding ring could take some time, then the biggest factor, you will need to make sure the ring fits on her finger.

Many organised couples will discuss these important details at some point in their relationship – however, making it too obvious could ruin the unexpected proposal moment.

Wedding Rings with Birthstones and Favourite Colour Choices

When choosing the engagement and wedding rings in Brisbane, there are a few key points to consider, do you want to stick with the classic ring design, or go with the personal option and choose styles based on her favourite colour or birthstone for that individual style.

Sticking with the classics is possible your safest bet, picking a princess cut diamond with the simple wedding band has stood its time of tradition. But that may not be for everyone, putting in some thought of the person who is wearing the ring is also something to think about.

For the girl who loves some colour, what about adding some brightness with a gem or birthstone that creates a more personal touch, whether it be based on her birth month or favourite colour, this could be that personalised option she would appreciate.

The birthstone range celebrates every month of the year that is identified by coloured gems. January is the purple/red Garnet stone, February is a purple Amethyst, March is the light blue Aquamarine, April is a white Diamond, May is the green Emerald, June is a translucent white/blue Pearl or Moonstone, July is the red Ruby, August is a lime green Peridot, September is the light blue Sapphire, October is a pale pink Opal or Tourmaline, November is the golden yellow Citrine and December is a light blue Topaz.

All the vintage things have really come back in fashion, if your partner enjoys the character of ornate designs, then a vintage-inspired wedding ring could be that perfect choice for something a little different. A ring that has been passed down from generations or family members is a meaningful tradition to continue and a beautiful keepsake.

The Art of Getting on One Knee and Opening the Ring Box

The Art of Getting on One Knee and Opening the Ring Box

Getting down on one knee is surely the most anticipated moment of the proposal, but there is somewhat a skill involved to keep the ring box hidden until you find that right moment to ask her that important question.

You have most likely rehearsed and repeated the proposal plan step-by-step in your head a few times by now, just to make sure not to mess it up. With the nervousness now setting in, the moment has come, a final check to remember the right words you have practised and making sure that you have the ring box facing the right way.

How to choose the perfect Brisbane Location for the Proposal

Location is everything – Where will you pop the question?

You have the engagement and wedding rings sorted and paid off in full. Now is the time to consider the perfect proposal place, will it be where you first met, where you had your first date, where you celebrate your anniversary, your favourite Brisbane restaurant or will you go all out and organise to propose in front of a famous landmark.

If you know your partner well, you would have already picked out her style of ring design, if you know her extremely well, you will know exactly the right location to propose.