Did You Know That Wearing Gold Jewellery Has These 9 Health Benefits To It?

Did You Know That Wearing Gold Jewellery Has These 9 Health Benefits To It?

December 2, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

When you think of handmade gold jewellery, you’ll no doubt think of wealth, luxury, and of course, beauty. However, what you may not know is that this precious metal is also associated with numerous health benefits.

Gold has the ability to affect both your physical health as well as aid your mental health and sense of wellness. In fact, civilisations as far back as Ancient Egypt have relied upon gold for its phenomenal healing potential. It was even used in dentistry!

So if you’re contemplating refreshing your accessories collection, firstly you should find out what gold jewellery might do for you. Who knows – perhaps those gold earrings you’ve had your eye on will revitalise more than your wardrobe?

9 Incredible Health Benefits Of Wearing Handmade Gold Jewellery

At Jewel Tree London, we want to help women feel great on the inside as well as the outside. That’s why we want to share these fascinating health benefits of wearing gold jewellery.

1. Treats Wounds And Pain

Ever since antiquity, gold has been used to treat flesh wounds and cuts. That’s because its natural properties have the power to curb the spread of infection. Additionally, it acts as a natural painkiller and can help general aches and pains in the body. Plus, a gold vermeil ring is far prettier than a plaster – don’t you think?

Did You Know That Wearing Gold Jewellery Has These 9 Health Benefits To It?

2. Increases Immunity

In fact, because gold reduces the spread of infection it can also help the wearer combat the common cold and flu-like symptoms. Well, it can’t hurt to wear a gold vermeil necklace as the weather gets colder.

3. Naturally Regulates Body Temperature

Are you the kind of person who always feels the cold or who tends to overheat? In that case, make a piece of handmade gold jewellery part of your daily dress code. It is believed that wearing gold against the skin helps to regulate your body temperature level. As an added bonus, this may even make an impact on your utility bills!

4. Boosts Blood Circulation

Gold introduces soothing vibrations into your body which relax your blood vessels and equalise the distribution of oxygen. As a result, this generates healthy blood circulation that optimises your body. Slip in a pair of gold earrings and you may feel an increase in how your body functions.

Did You Know That Wearing Gold Jewellery Has These 9 Health Benefits To It?

5. Improves Energy Levels And Supports Mental Wellbeing

As the blood flows through your body, it distributes positive energy throughout your entire body. Ultimately this impacts the mind. Wearing something as simple as a gold vermeil ring may give you a feeling of positivity, increased energy levels and decreased stress and anxiety.

6. Heals The Nervous And Endocrine Systems

Our endocrine system ensures that our hormones and other chemical messengers remain regulated and functional. Studies have suggested that gold nanoparticles may have a positive effect on our hormones. So perhaps that gold vermeil necklace can make you feel calmer and more balanced.

7. Eases The Symptoms Of Arthritis

Scientific studies have suggested that placing pure gold on the affected area can lessen the pain of arthritis. However, for this to be effective, you will need to wear 24-karat gold. Take a piece of pure handmade gold jewellery and see if it helps, or gift an item to a relative or friend who suffers.

Did You Know That Wearing Gold Jewellery Has These 9 Health Benefits To It?

8. Enhances The Visible Appearance Of Skin

It may come as a surprise that a number of modern-day beauty products contain gold particles. This natural element reduces collagen depletion at the same time as stimulating cellular growth. As a result, this can help to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful with a firm surface. Treat yourself to a skin treatment that contains traces of gold and then don your favourite gold earrings. You’ll radiate a glow of great health!

9. Increases The Results Of Acupuncture

Due to all the other benefits on this list, some alternative medicine practitioners have introduced gold into their therapy. For example, acupuncturists. Acupuncture is a remarkable treatment that can relieve your body of tension in the back, head and joints. Some acupuncturists use needles coated with a gold tip to help guide the flow of energy into the body and alleviate pain. After your session, continue to wear your favourite gold jewellery from the Jewel Tree London to prolong the benefits.