Guide to Stacking Your Rings Like A Pro

Guide to Stacking Your Rings Like A Pro

January 7, 2021 Off By whlmagazinelogin

We’re awash with beautiful handmade jewellery at the moment – with remarkable boutiques and fresh new designers popping up every day. But with all these fabulous jewellery collections and so many irresistible choices to choose from – what’s a girl to do?

Well Seeing as, you Asked…

Let’s talk about layering and stacking. You can draw together different necklaces, bracelets and even rings to curate your own style. Especially when it comes to stack rings – there is so much potential for creativity.

That’s right, this trend isn’t reserved exclusively for wedding and engagement bands. Follow our do’s and don’ts guide on how to stack rings like a pro then it’s over to you.

Do: Establish a Limit

The great news is that the classic ‘less is more rule’ doesn’t necessarily apply to stack rings. Although it’s not quite ‘the more the merrier.’ You will need to take care that you don’t over-stack. You can stack more than one finger with multiple rings but do ensure that you aren’t covering the entire hand in jewellery!

Do: Work with a Colour Scheme

Stack rings that feature beautiful gemstones look absolutely mesmerising. But, rather than mixing up so many different jewels that you look like a school disco – opt to focus on one specific colour. Keep the rest of the colour scheme neutral. Say, for example, you wear a green onyx ring. We’d recommend mixing this with only black gemstones so that the green can pop.

Do: Embrace your Sentimental Streak

Jewellery is a lovely way to honour something that means something to you. That might mean wearing handmade jewellery that features your birthstone or a ring that your parents gifted you when you were younger. And of course, you can always stack your engagement and wedding band with any other rings your other half has gifted you with.

Don’t: Over-Match

Stacking rings is all about working that eddy, modern-day look. Avoid wearing rings that look like they are part of a set. Of course, you’ll want to choose colours that suit each other and stick to a similar theme. However, you do have the free-reign to play around and introduce some contrasting shapes and styles.

Do: Shop Homemade

Choosing handmade jewellery adds a lot more zest to your personal style then any mass-produced pieces can possibly achieve. Each hand-carved ring tells its own tale and adds a talking point to your ensemble. The quality is much higher too – across the metals and any gemstones you choose. So you will be able to stack your rings for work and special occasions without feeling shy.

Don’t: Compromise your Manoeuvrability

As pretty as it may look – fingers that are stacked knuckle-high will drive you crazy. You’ll still want to be able to move your fingers so that you can eat, work and scroll through social media! Be careful not to choose stack rings that are too chunky. It is best to save these to wear as solo statement pieces.

Do: Strive for Balance

When you stack your rings try to keep the rest of your accessories pared back. The number one style tip is to choose a focal area rather than draping yourself head to toe in jewellery. So, if you’re stacking your rings, that’s your focus for today – perhaps skip the rest of your jewellery.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Mix Your Metals

This former fashion faux-pas is now very much in vogue – across all jewellery collections! Do not be afraid to mix a splash of silver with a tint of gold. That being said – do take care to complement rather than clash. When mixing gold and silver stack rings you should ensure there is some balance between the two tones you choose. Weave the colours together so that they harmonise – and avoid having one hand covered in gold bands, the other in silver.

Do: Let Your Personality Shine Through

As much as there are rules and guidelines on stacking your rings like a pro – sometimes you might want to edit the rules. That’s totally fine! Above all else, you should stack your rings in a way that channels your personality and makes you feel comfortable and confident. At the end of the day – jewellery is all about having some fun.