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How Do You Maintain Delicate Human Hair Extensions

How Do You Maintain Delicate Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are an investment in your beauty routine, so it’s essential to keep them healthy and happy from the start. A weekly touch-up can help you avoid ingrained bad habits that could lead longer appointments with suppliers down the line!

All types of high-quality fake tresses require specific techniques depending upon what type is used. However, there remain some general rules, which apply across the board no matter if naturalists are gearing towards cleaner-looking styles.

The application of high-quality hair extensions is more complex than natural hair but there are still some general rules that apply to all types. For example, if you’re going for cleaner-looking styles then make sure not too much product gets inside your hair because this can cause tangling and breakage when applied wet or dry depending on the desired look.

Things To Avoid When Maintaining Your Natural Hair Extensions

To make the most out of your hair extensions, you need to take good care of your hair and avoid the following:

While human hair extensions can easily be shaped and styled with heat tools, they can also easily dry out and become frizzy. Especially, because they don’t grow directly from your head, and receive natural oils and nutrients. Excessive use of heat tools like irons and curlers will hasten to dry your hair extension. You risk a lot of damage if you don’t properly apply heat protection to your extensions.

Yes, you might want to look beautiful when you wake up the next morning. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with your hair extensions in. By sleeping with your hair extension in, there is a big chance that your extensions will get frizzy and tangled. Aside from that, your clips can get damaged too.

To avoid damaging your hair extensions, allow them to air dry instead of blow-drying or towel drying. A blow dryer induces heat and can cause damage to your hair extensions. The same goes for using a tower since it will tangle the hair strands and worse, cause shedding.

Best Practices when Maintaining

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some tips on how you can maintain proper care for silky smooth hair extensions:

When detangling your hair extensions with brushing, make sure that you are doing it gently. Human hair is delicate and can shed easily if not taken care of. When brushing or detangling, make sure that you hold the roots tightly so they don’t shed. Start from the bottom and gradually go up for easy detangling. That’s a bonus tip for you!

For hair extensions, it’s important to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. You should choose shampoo and conditioner that is gentle and moisturizes your hair. We recommend using the ones that are free of sulfates because they generally work the best.

Just like your natural hair, you need to protect your hair extensions from the excess heat caused by irons and blow dryers. Hair protectants serve as a protective shield on your extensions preventing them from drying out easily while you style and reshape your hair.

When washing your hair extensions, make sure that the water is not too cold or not too hot. Hot water can also make your extensions easily dry out and fade their color faster. On the other hand, cold water does not take away the oil and dirt properly.

When storing your hair extensions, make sure they are wrapped separately from your other extensions to avoid tangling. Putting them in a free spaced box will be your great option so you can store them without being deformed. If you are using clip-in extensions, make sure that the clip is kept away from the stands so they won’t tangle and damage the other weft.

Good Hair Needs Good Care

Nothing lasts long when handled with careless hands. The same thing applies when maintaining your human hair extension. Extensions that are made from 100% human hair are very delicate and you need to be gentle when handling them.

Knowing the labels of your hair products and the temperature of your tools are just a few of what needs to be considered when treating your hair. With proper storage and preventive measures, your hair extensions will stay fine and pretty over a long period of time.

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