How to Wear Stackable Rings?

How to Wear Stackable Rings?

February 9, 2021 Off By whlmagazinelogin

If there’s one type of jewellery that we can’t get enough of right now, that’s beautifully designed handmade rings. The problem is that when there are so many irresistible rings out there – how can we decide which ones to wear every day? We have limited fingers after all!

So hooray for the current trend of stacking rings. Finally, we have a good excuse to buy even more bling. Before you work this trend in your accessories fashion, follow our guide on how to wear stackable rings.

Less is More

This is the golden rule of jewellery and the less is more motto is very important when it comes to stacking your rings. Whilst you can stack a couple of fingers we recommend limiting it at three or four fingers max across both hands. At the same avoid overstacking each finger by leaving some skin bare.

Balance the rest of your jewellery

When you stack your rings you should pull back with the rest of your accessories. Consider how when you layer your necklaces or go big with your bracelets, you will usually keep the rest of your accessories bare. The same applies to rings.

No matchy-matchy

When you stack your rings you want to add a modern edge. Avoid wearing rings that come from a part of a set and introduce some contrasting shapes that identify your personal style. That being said, a wonderful way to bring some balance to your stackable rings is selecting handmade rings from the same designer. This way the pieces will bounce off one another.

Establish a colour scheme

Absolutely go ahead and mix up a couple of different colours when you stack your rings. But do keep a theme to your choice of colours; choose shades that complement one another or pick a focal colour. For example, this striking green onyx ring from our collection could provide the foundation for your look. Neutral gemstones such as opal, moonstone and pearl are fantastic bases for your stackable rings.

How to Wear Stackable Rings?

Experiment with handmade rings

We may be biased here but we are firm advocates that handmade is best. Every hand-carved ring is utterly unique and adds more pizazz to your style than a mass-produced ring could ever achieve. Browse the latest jewellery offers at your local boutique to find some extraordinary handmade rings to launch your own version of this trend.

Keep it personal

Jewellery is a way to channel your own personality. Rather than stacking rings based on what you’ve seen in online magazines or what your friends are wearing, choose stackable rings that you personally like. If you would prefer to use your green onyx ring as a starting point rather than a diamond, that’s totally cool.

Mix your metals

What used to be the ultimate fashion faux-pas is no longer a taboo – mixing metals is a trend that’s here to stay. When you do mix your gold and silver hues just take care that they complement rather than clash. Strive for a balance between the tones you choose and cap the mixing at two shades. Weave the colours together rather than having one hand shrouded in gold with the other in silver.

How to Wear Stackable Rings?

Get sentimental

There’s not always the need to scroll through jewellery offers to buy yourself some new stacking rings. Sometimes you will have all you need in your existing collection. Stack rings that have personal value, such as family heirlooms or the ring your parents gifted you for a special birthday. And don’t forget that you can stack your engagement and wedding band with any other rings your other half has given you.

Get practical

They may look like works of art but fingers that are stacked knuckle-high with bands will drive you crazy. You still need to have flexibility so you can go about your daily life or nurse a glass of wine! Rather than stacking you big statement rings choose slender bands that don’t compromise your manoeuvrability.

Allow your own personality shine through

Whilst there are rules and guidelines on how to wear stackable rings, do not fear bending them a little. At the end of the day, jewellery is your tool for showing off your own character and you should grant yourself the free reign to experiment and push the boundaries as you see fit.