Is Nigeria’s Democracy Fallen Sick?

Is Nigeria’s Democracy Fallen Sick?

June 22, 2018 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Most countries in the world, particularly the west, consider democracy as an acceptable and adequate mode of governance. This is primarily because democracy is a viable system of government where people are the ones who govern and the civil society actually decides the trends. Despite indianem bassy.meall the appraisals taken into account from every angle, the continual clamoring for a superior government favors the less privileged, democracy progresses as the most voted. Democracy is considered to be    OXY  the best form of civil government due to its fundamental rudiments and the checks and limitations involved.

It is no doubt that democracy is usually accepted by a sundry Carpool irrespective of the backgrounds. The world powers today surely have the best democratic frameworks in place. You will, on the other hand, find it tough to believe that this aspect that some of the developing countries like Africa still find it hard to practice. The bane of leadership to be particular in Nigeria now is nepotism and selfishness. In Nigeria today, you will not find democracy in its proper light. Nigerian politics is the business of few that can literally do anything even if it involves turning the constitution completely upside down to stay in power. Do you wish to stay updated on the latest news across Nigeria? Check out Latest Nigeria News today!

It is quite evident from the current constitutional crisis Nigeria is experiencing in which the natives wallow in a very serious state of confusion.  Soon after the ailing president disregarded the constitution and later went under the knife, toothless bulldog lawmakers succumbed to the public call for an acting president and later transferred the loyalty to the Vice president. The public was not wary of the greater problems that were around as they realized the fact that the acting president is actually not allowed to act! This led to some very serious infractions that existed on the constitution.

It is to be noticed that some are just trying to play on with Nigeria’s intelligence as there are no reasons why an acting president is not allowed to act in the first place? Why is he considered as an outsider? Several questions seek answers! In short, the democracy in Nigeria is sick, and everyone is completely bemused. The leaders here are barding and the democracy is seriously ill!