Revolutionize Your Homecoming Week With These Easy-peasy Fashion Tips

Revolutionize Your Homecoming Week With These Easy-peasy Fashion Tips

September 27, 2018 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Coming back to school and being fashionable is very important for high schoolers. While the start of a new school year is an excellent opportunity to show the changes, you made in your wardrobe during the summer, it is essential to consider that schools have specific rules, however you shouldn’t leave out fashion (without even mentioning that there are still the homecoming dresses waiting for you to pick them).

Standing In with the colors, clothes, and accessories, helps students to express their personality and general characteristics; explains Girl’s Life in The perfect homecoming party. When choosing your outfits, girls should opt for a mixture of “aesthetics, practicality, and comfort.” Remember that with this cycle comes the change of season, so there are basic autumn-winter that should not be missing in your closet and that can complement your style.

  • Oversize coats and 50s style coats are a “yes” for the season.
  • The sporty look that was imposed on catwalks such as moves to the streets.
  • Flirty prints such as shirts with polka dots, hearts or stars, as well as sweatshirts and shirts with cartoon characters have never gone out of style.
  • It’s time to wear your pink coat during this fall. 5. Loafers and flats are ideal for long days.
  • Tartan or Scottish prints are back. Look for them in the classic red or black, green and blue.
  • Plaid shirts (with a touch of grunge), as well as the prints of rock bands. You can bet on broken jeans, but without exaggerating.
  • While the XL boots will be protagonists, to attend school, it is better to opt for boots that combine with socks.

On the other hand, those who wear a school uniform are restricted to complying with the rules and codes imposed by their institution, but this doesn’t mean that they can not add their personal “touch.” Therefore, Vogue tells us about the extra accessories that are available to help the girls achieve a better look:

  • Use shoes of your choice: shoelaces, buckle, moccasin type, whatever goes with your personality.
  • If allowed, you can use colored tennis.
  • The backpacks or bags to use crossed, there are different brands to show-off your fashionista side.
  • 90’s Hair accessories, to make your daily hairstyle comfortable and beautiful.
  • You can also add a touch of color to your jewelry.
  • If you wear glasses, choose one according to your personality and help to enhance your features according to the shape of your face.
  • Soft and natural makeup, suitable for school. Subtle mascara, lip gloss, blush, and if you want delineated eyes, but use coffee and nude shades of preference.

Now, let’s talk about the most important occasion during this first week of classes: The homecoming party.

Events like the homecoming party don’t happen to be held every day. And most of the time we fall into the classic question of what type of homecoming dresses to wear. Well, we have extracted from the last line of homecoming dresses by Jovani, four must-see options that will deliver different styles for this type of social event, in which you got to have specific parameters to avoid falling into the “too-casual-for-school” zone.

  • The choice of the dress must be taken according to the place where the homecoming party will be held, but basically, the length of the dress is a reference (showing your legs the necessary, where at knee height), and from there we started well. The type of fabric can be silk, linen or with specific appliques of rhinestones.
  • The transparencies must be known to use, do not exaggerate with it and the necklines the same. Remember that it is an event that is between evening and night and could be confused when choosing the right dress.
  • Among the colors to use will depend on the season, in this case being in Fall / Winter we could take some classics such as black and blue. They never fail because designers and stores like Jovani are the responsible fashion setters. But if you want to risk a little more, you can try red, nude and some minimalist combination that uses fuchsia (not in a scandalous way).
  • As for cuts, it is preferable to choose a design according to the type of body of each, so there are options where some are close to the body, and others where the belts or the cut at the waist is a little lower than usual to make you feel comfortable

With these tips, don’t surprised if you even get to win the crown as the homecoming queen of your school.