Skincare And Beauty With Marion Julius

Skincare And Beauty With Marion Julius

April 27, 2022 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Marion Julius the Beauty Influencer who has been sharing ideas, advice and tips for beauty, skin care and make-up. Promoting a great range of cleansers, creams, lotions, facials masks and treatments to look after your skin. When it comes to looking and feeling good Marion is able to recommend many types of different products you can try. She can be found at Twitter, You Tube and Instagram @marionjulius12 and she has followers, likes, subscribers and many lovely comments and messages. She has shared with people her beauty photos and also videos as well as posted some helpful beauty tips with us. Marion who completed a beauty therapy course with Holistic Health & Harmony college years ago as well as did a make-up course at Mask Make-up Academy in Sydney Australia over the years. She’s familiar with all the brands and types of make-up and skin care products that is out now.

As well as getting the right suitable beauty products its also good to look after your body. Marion says that its good to get exercise whenever you can by walking or running or doing some sort of exercise which you can do to help you stay fit and healthy. Besides getting your skin in good condition its good to also have a healthy diet and see to your nutrition eating and drinking the right things. Having plenty of water, fruits and vegetables as well as taking vitamins what your body allows. However its also very important to seek the professional help from Nutritionist and dietitians or your local GP jumping into fitness its good to first get checked up and see what your body can handle. Marion says she sees so many people jump and go join a gym without first seeing what exercises and equipment they can and should not be using. Marion says how she feels about all of this fitness and getting into shape:

“I’m not really one to lift really heavy weights at the gym because I am small build and so I use light weight just to tone up.”

Marion Julius is admired and loved by many people and places all over the world. She has a wonderful group of supporters who help her a network of friends and contacts who continue to support her.