Sweatpants Are The New Attire For 2020

Sweatpants Are The New Attire For 2020

October 7, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

The pandemic has forced our fashion hand. After years of all of the iconic fashionistas, from Karl Lagerfield to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour poopooing sweatpants, they are now the 2020 fashion staple. Whether you can see them on zoom meetings or not, sweatpants have a new status in the fashion hierarchy. According to BLACKSOCKS, a high-end eTailer which sells luxury socks that are made in Milan, Italy, even when wearing sweatpants, you need a fresh pair of calf socks to go round out your attire.

When Did Sweatpants First Appear As Accepted Attire?

According to an article in Yahoo News in May of this year, “the birth of sweatpants hailed all the way from France in the 1920s by Le Coq Sportif founder Émile Camuset. Leave it to the French to always be ahead of the times. Initially introduced in a jersey grey hue and intended for athletes, the comfortable casual trouser has evolved over the past century.

Different Types Of Sweatpants

With differences in the cut, silhouette, waistband, color, and even the brand, choosing a pair of sweats is more complex than one might realize. We’ve seen bright-pink distressed joggers on Chanel’s 2014 runway and a revival of the track pant in Chloé’s Spring 2016 collection. And with streetwear culture dominating the mainstream industry, generational newcomers like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Pyer Moss by Kerby Jean-Raymond have revolutionized the art of sophisticated sweatpants. These fashion pieces now appear in the office, at the fanciest restaurants and sometimes, even on the red carpet.”

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Women’s Wear

In March, Women’s Wear Daily published an article titled, “Are Sweatpants the Only Fashion Trend in America Right Now?” This explains how the widespread of sweatpants has not been this relevant since the late ’90s and early 2000s’ Juicy Couture era. “Net-a-Porter said the site experienced a 40 percent uptick in general sweatpant sales in the first week of COVID-19 lockdown,” the WWD article states. Additionally, searches for “sweatpants” saw an 85 percent spike, while the term “sweats” saw a 50 percent increase in searches on Moda Operandi.

Forget Your Jeans

Forget your jeans.  They have been sidelined during the pandemic—collecting dust in millions of closets across the country. Many believe, what’s the point in donning jeans when you be comfortable in sweatpants?  It is a fact: sweatpants rule in terms of comfort and working from home.

Fresh So

As people in many parts of the country start returning to their offices in modified numbers and with a slew of COVID-ready protocols in place, a fresh pair of socks will add renewed strength and vigor to their journey. After all, there is nothing better than a brand new pair of socks to enhance your wardrobe, sweatpants notwithstanding.