The History Of Malaysia National Dress

The History Of Malaysia National Dress

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People are proud of their culture in Malaysia, and the culture has given them various things that they can cherish until existence. One such area is the clothing- Malaysia National Dress for both women and men have been worn for centuries, and are still relevant in today’s time and fashion.

Malaysia National Dress For Women- The Baju Kurung

The recorded history of the Baju Kurung spreads for over 600 years. According to historians, the dress has been in existence since the Great Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century. From royalties to the citizens- everyone has been wearing Baju Kurung for years and as of now, the dress is popular in other countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia- especially those places with Malaysian influence.

Baju Kurung consists of a knee-length blouse and a long skirt. The blouse may or may not have a collar and the skirt has pleats on the side. Some women may wear a headscarf with a matching color to the fabric. The traditional Malay costume has evolved over the times, with new patterns, fitting styles, colors, and fabric being introduced over the years.

Malaysia Male National Dress- The Baju Melayu

Baju Melayu translates to ‘Malay Shirt.’ It consists of the Baju, a long-sleeved shirt with a raised stiff collar, and the trousers known as Seluar. People may also wear a skirt-type adornment with the Baju Melayu. It is called the ‘Kain Samping.’

The fabric may differ in each individual case but is mostly cotton or a mixture of polyester or cotton. Similar to Baju Kurung, the Baju Melayu has also been in existence since the 15th century.

The three styles of the Baju Melayu are the Cekak Musang, Teluk Belanga, and Kolar Tunku. The dress may, or may not have collars or buttons depending on the style.

Where Can I Buy The Malaysian National Dress

Many tailors have been offering Malaysian formal and national costumes. However, the most popular service provider for traditional Malay costume would be Lai Chan Fashion designer. They have been in the business for the last thirty years, and provide an affordable service.