This Season’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Purchase Now

This Season’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends to Purchase Now

December 16, 2018 Off By whlmagazinelogin

Are you currently ready for the Christmas season? Perhaps you would like to get jewelry for that special someone in your life. Jewelry is a gift that you can give at virtually any time, but it is most appreciated for very special occasions and giving these during the holidays is a great time. If you have not been able to find jewelry for this person yet, there are many new items that come out every year. If you are interested in finding this season’s must have jewelry trends so that you can purchase something right now, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

14 Karat Gold Plated Earrings

There is nothing that says I love you more than a gift with gold, other than something gold with a diamond. However, if you can only afford to give one of these, you can give these earrings that are plated with 14 karat gold, a gift that they will definitely love. They come in many different styles and configurations. One of the most popular this year are gold plated hoop earrings. These are designed for people that like to wear earrings all the time, and they will definitely stand out, glistening in the sun for everyone to see.

Small Hammock Silver Plated Earrings

If you would like to get earrings for that special person in your life, and you don’t have the money for gold, silver will also be appreciated. In fact, they may not like to get loop earrings at all. However, the small hammock style are definitely trending right now. Although you could also choose from a pod huggy, triangle, or those that dangle, this particular style is one that she will really appreciate. They are the perfect gift for people that like to have unique earrings, and that love the color of silver.

Give Them A Gold Plated Bracelet

There are other people that will not want to wear earrings at all. However, if you are focused on getting them jewelry, you may want to consider providing them with the bracelet. If you do give a bracelet, it is recommended that you provide them with one that is engraved, preferably with both of your initials. You may also want to engrave a specific saying that you both like, or just simply put I love you. Either way, bracelets are a neutral gift, one that you will give someone that is not really into wearing jewelry, but will not hesitate in putting a bracelet on their wrist.

Ball Hinge Bangles

If unique is what you are looking for, and inexpensive is also something that you need to focus upon, a ball hinge bangles is something they will love. They can wear these on their wrist, or on their ankle, and they will certainly love it if it is silver or gold plated. Although these are not things you can engrave, they are certainly in style right now. The mere fact that you are giving them this ball hinge bangles will show them how much you care. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and are made from different materials from gold to silver and even platinum.

Nirvana Gold Cuff

If you are getting a gift for a girl that does like bracelets, you may want to consider getting them a gold cuff. These are interchangeable gifts, ones that can be worn for professional purposes, or you can use them while you are doing leisurely activities. These are much easier to put on that a bracelet. There is an area that is open, and you will often see these being worn by people that enjoy products that use magnets for healing. They are very fashionable, and you can often find both silver and gold ones with the most unique designs.

Metal Shield Earrings

Going back to the possibility of giving this special person earrings, metal Shield earrings are also invoked. They almost look like flowers, and depending upon their size, they can have very intricate and beautiful patterns. When they are gold, they certainly stand out. It is recommended that you at least get 14 karat gold of possible. These are relatively inexpensive so that, even if you are on a budget, you can still get some of the nicest ones for this holiday gift.

Padina Gold Tone Earrings

Another unique gift that is very popular, if you are still looking for earrings, are Padina gold plated, or gold tone, earrings. They are very similar in appearance to either a seashell, or even the human ear. They have very unique features, and are actually quite difficult to make, but the final result is quite appealing. These are often worn by people that enjoy being noticed because of their earrings, and these will stand out apart from everyone else that has earrings in the same room. Depending upon how much gold is on the earrings, these can often be a very affordable gift that you can give during the holiday season.

Gold Pendants And Necklaces

If the person you are getting a gift for is not going to be highly motivated to wear earrings or bracelets, they might be the type of person that enjoys a nice necklace. Although you could get a silver or gold necklace independently, it’s always good to add a pendant. One of the most fashionable ones that is popular today are those that look like natural gold. They can either have the appearance of a nugget, or the gold itself can be shaped into something round, or like a coin, ones that are very popular right now. In fact, one of the more popular ones is a medallion gold plated necklace, looking like some ancient coin that someone has found in a different country. On the other hand, they may simply want something more traditional, such as a cross, teardrop, or an oval loop that will hang very nicely.

These ideas on how to choose from the most popular jewelry trends for this holiday season should give you a few possibilities. Out of all of them, one of them should stand out, motivating you to go to a local jewelry store or perhaps find this online so you can buy it. Whether you decide to choose a necklace, pendant, or a set of earrings, the person that you get these four will be very happy. This will also be true with the bracelets that are available, all of which are representative of this seasons must have jewelry trends which are currently available for purchase at