Tips For Discovering Your Own Unique Fashion Style

September 18, 2018 Off By whlmagazinelogin


Let us start by stating that discovering your own personal fashion style is all about really getting to know yourself very well. It is all about connecting with your true essence – and being very confident about this!  There is a famous quote that states: “fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

Style is highly personal. It is something that is completely your own, and no one can claim otherwise. This is why we have created an all-in-one solution for covering all of the major steps in detail for how to create a better personal style for yourself.

As previously mentioned, style is highly personal. It directly expresses your mood or personality.  Some people have a distinct signature style and they tend to repeatedly wear the same colours or items. Others can be recognized by their confident style and they know exactly how to put an outfit together.

For style references, see what celebrities or other women are doing

There isn’t anything wrong with looking at someone’s style since they can provide you with inspiration.  Your own style can be influenced by fashion icons like Lauren Conrad, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivia Palermo, Cara Delevingne, and others.  You can choose your fashion icon based on how she defines your body shape, hair colour or personality.

Finding your own personal style doesn’t mean you need to choose just one style.

Style involves being creative and fun; another important aspect is combining different styles. You need to think about your likes and dislikes. Look inside your closet to see what clothes you have to wear and what can compliment them.  If you have different combinations of various styles, then people will definitely notice you.  Your style also needs to accommodate different situations. You will want to wear something funky at a rock concert, and something elegant when going out to dinner, etc.

Discover which colours suit you the best

Choose a colour palette and find out which ones most compliment your hair and skin tones.  Also, you need to be careful to make sure the colours go well with one another.  To further diversify your style, your wardrobe also can include prints.

Choose the right clothes for your type of body

Be honest about what types of clothes work best for your type of body and which ones don’t. If there are certain clothes that don’t fit you very well, then don’t let them inside of your closet or invest in quality shapewear from the likes of Elle Courbee.  You also need to skip trends that you know don’t work well with other items in your closet. It is much better to have clothes that suit you well than to have a wardrobe that is full of unwearable and non-cohesive clothing.

Makeup and hairstyle

The key to discovering your own personal style also involves figuring out your primary makeup and hairstyle that matches with specific pieces of your wardrobe and highlight them. Choose makeup and a hairstyle that will be significant specifically for you. Is natural makeup and a messy bun your personal style?  Whatever you end up choosing will define your style and you.  The following are some examples that can help you make your decisions.

Choose significant accessories

One good way of expressing your individual style is through the accessories that you wear.  If you would like to have certain accessories that can be worn with practically everything, then you need to ensure that it is special in some way and yet simple at the same time.

Wear perfume

According to Coco Chanel, a woman who does not wear perfume does not have a future. Therefore, the last step reveals a very important factor that can help you develop your own unique style.  Use the scent of your perfume to enhance your special appearance and charm.