What Does Your Jewellery Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Jewellery Say About Your Personality?

March 19, 2020 Off By whlmagazinelogin

While it is true that everyone has their own distinct taste when it comes to jewellery, the fact that these simple adornments can say so much about the core personality of the people who wear them can be quite fascinating. Even if you might not necessarily believe the trope that certain types of jewellery denote a particular personality, it can be surprisingly accurate. Either way, jewellery has universal appeal, and Claudia Bradby’s Bracelets Sale is an excellent source that will no doubt have something for everyone.

That said, for those who are curious about how jewellery can reflect and attract certain personalities, here is what your jewellery says about you.

The personality of those who are fond of piercings

Classic jewellery traditionally is not something you would need to pierce your nose, eyebrow or belly button to accomplish. That said, there are people out there who are quite fond of body piercings, which denotes a personality that has a tendency to rebel from the norm.

Surprisingly, you will often find the people who have piercings to be introverted, thoughtful and observant. The piercings are their way of rebelling against the status quo, but it does not mean that they are rebelling just for the sake of it. For many, it is a side-effect of the pressures of life; a tiny outlet in a sea of responsibility.

The personality of those who adorn themselves with pearls

The complete opposite of the body piercings, those who use pearls have a very traditional mindset and are generally fond of the classy look. Whether it stems from an interest in history or admiration of conventional values, the pearl has a timeless look that is attractive from any angle. Those who use pearls are all about class and elegance – with a fondness for simplicity.

The personality of those who like to layer jewellery

One of the growing trends involves wearing multiple different types of necklaces, bracelets or other types of silver to create an entirely new look. One of the things you will likely notice is that the person wearing layered jewellery is often fit and outgoing. More often than not the layers denote a desire for people to notice that particular part of their body.

The personality of those who enjoy handmade or artsy jewellery

Those who enjoy wearing custom bracelets or handmade jewellery are often highly creative individuals, preferring to express their artistic talent by wearing art pieces. It is a very modern mindset, especially since for the most part, handmade pieces of jewellery are often reasonably priced – or free if the person wearing them also made them.

Even if you might not necessarily buy into the idea of jewellery being able to predict personality, it is still worth looking into for the accuracy alone. While there are many more factors for wearing the jewellery mentioned above, it is a solid example of how your habits can say something about your personality.